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A Reupholstery Story: Before and After!

Our Custom Upholstery Services at the shop are one of my favorite ways to express myself with design. I’ve said it many times, and most likely will never stop expressing my love for reinventing a tired piece of furniture. No, I don’t suggest painting over pristine antiques, nor do I think every piece of furniture should be revamped. But when I do find a piece of furniture that is lack luster, but has great bones, I just know that with a new lease on life could anchor a room, I can’t help but try to save it by the process of reinventing it! Most often times this means it will go through re upholstery. So many steps are involved, and it can be hard to explain them step by step, so our team put together this lovely story board!

...... send to our amazing upholsterer, Jesus, and.....

For this chaise lounge, I incorporated a Turkish Kilim rug as the main statement textile. I always try to stretch the most use out of the statement textile I am using. So saving the scraps of the rug and working them into areas like the pillow and the back of the chaise, are examples on how we can maximize your favorite textile. Then I paired it with a creamy & cozy remnant of a Hudson Bay Blanket. Denim is an often ‘go to’, because I love the way it wears, and that denim comes in many shades. I opted for cool toned cross hatched denim, using the reverse side for the piping. Now, it’s ready to find a new home.

Our tailored services at the shop mean we can assist in bringing out the artist in our clients as well. We can help you redesign a piece you may own, and we always love to hear about your revamping needs. Working with clients on bringing their coveted & inherited pieces back to life is a perfect example of this joy!

(this renovation is also featured on Apartment Therapy)

This piece is available now on the showroom floor. Find it HERE

Thanks for reading!


See our upholstery story and what to expect when starting your own reupholstery project HERE

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