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Building An Eclectic Style With Mignonne

If you've seen our shop, in-person in the "before times," or just our instagram feed you know that we love an eclectic look! For us, an eclectic home (which, by the way, doesn't have to mean chaotic or wild, if that's what you previously associated with "eclectic") means a storied one. It means that you have a mix of old and new (or old and old, if you're us, haha), that you build a collection that varies by eras as well as sizes and applications. We've rounded up some of our favorite pieces to start to build a unique collection within your home.

As always, find these lovely pieces through our online shop, or on our Instagram. We're also still offering complimentary local deliveries on Tuesday's and shipping many pieces as well. If you'd like to see us in store, we are open today, tomorrow and this Saturday from 12:30-5pm--please wear your masks, thanks!

First and last photos taken by Lauren Edith Andersen of SEN Creative.

Music- Song: Golden, Musician: Jef.

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