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Reupholster with Mignonne Decor
Custom Upholstery East Bay
Berkeley Upholstery process
Berkeley Upholstery process
Berkeley Upholstery process
Berkeley Upholstery process
Berkeley Upholstery process
Berkeley Upholstery process
Reupholstery East Bay
reupholstery Berkeley California
reupholstery before and after
East Bay Upholstery

Custom Upholstery and What to Expect...

 If you are curious about starting a re-upholstery project or have just begun the process, chances are - you are wondering “So what are the next steps from here?”  or “What is a standard timeline”?   We’d like to answer those questions so you know what to expect moving forward!

  • STEP 1: FABRIC CONSULT! This is where the fun begins! Schedule a complimentary hour to meet with one of our design team and explore fun fabric/design options for your piece. From here, we will order a selection of swatches from your favorite fabrics. 

  • STEP 2: Once ALL swatches have arrived at Mignonne Decor (1-2 weeks), you will be notified by email to arrange a time to pick them up.

  • STEP 3: You will have swatches on loan for 1 week - This gives you a chance to check them out in your space, to come to a final fabric selection.

  • STEP 4: Once you have made your final fabric selection, you will be asked to return all memos and pay a fabric deposit.  Depending on the piece, we may also ask you to drop it off at Mignonne for most accurate measurements.  So that we can really dial in exact yardage needed.

  • STEP 5: Once we have your fabric deposit, Mignonne will place the fabric order. (Fabric orders typically take 7 - 10 business days to arrive at Mignonne). You will be notified if any selected fabrics are on back-order.

  • STEP 6: Once ALL of your fabric is in, we will contact you to a schedule drop-off of your piece.

  • STEP 7: Once we have your furniture piece(s) AND fabric at Mignonne our 3-6 week turnaround for upholstery begins! You will be notified if we are experiencing any changes to this expected turnaround.

  • STEP 8: Once your piece is complete - we will email you to schedule a pick up time within 7 days. Final balance will be due upon pick up. 

    (Note: we are limited on space, therefore if pieces are not picked up within 7 days, $10 / day will be charged.


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