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A Night In, With Mignonne

Please note that this video and post were written several weeks ago. We hope that your "night in" looks like one spent filling out petitions, making protest signs, donating to anti-racism groups, researching your local (and national) policies, listening to Black voices, and further educating yourselves, as our team is doing as well.

When was the last time you were intentional about a night in? Not just plopping down and watching your favorite show, or going into an instagram black hole (no judgment, we do that too!), but treating yourself to your home. Making it beautiful for no one but yourself(selves). Here are some of our favorite pieces to set the mood, make the most of being in your home, and remembering why you love it. We are still happy to deliver to your doorstep, gift wrap and all, just let us know! Shop through our online shop, or our instagram. Thank you for your continued support!

First and last photo taken by Lauren Edith Andersen of SEN Creative.

Music--Song: Philip E. Morris, Musician: Sycamore Tree.

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