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COME JOIN US! Nicole Buffett | Indigo Series

At Mignonne Decor, we love all things related to furniture, design and interiors, which is why we are a huge proponent of artists and the inspiring work they create. One such artist is the very talented Nicole Buffett, and we are proud to be showcasing her Indigo Series this Friday, April 22nd, in our showroom!

A little bit about the artist:

Nicole Buffett's work describes an environment built upon the concept of pliancy and adaptation. Her choice to use a variety of both traditional and non-traditional Art materials is a reflection and expression of her own relationship to the world as a complex habitat for humans. Most, if not all of her materials she has collected, foraged or stumbled upon in her travels and time spent in nature. Her mediums range from reclaimed house paint, herbs, teas, oil paint, Earth pigments, water, spices, dirt, fire, spray paint and epoxy resin on wood panel. Her outcome is a hyper organic, dimensional image where organic material is both suspended and encased layer by layer under a glass like surface.

Her wide range of mediums behave as an organic synthesis: a kind of recording device for places she has been which in turn catalyze into an alternate topographical environment of visceral memory. By layering both organic and non-organic materials one upon another, the painting changes and mimics natural happenings as materials rise and sink, crack and coalesce, become wet and dry, rupture and congeal –push or pull according to their nature.

She composes scenarios using fire, gravity and time allowing for a unique ‘ecosystem’ to arise within each piece. As she imposes this contact and intimacy on her selected materials, they eventually transform into their own harmony.

"As our world begins to re-align itself with environmental preservation and human preservation, I feel my work speaks to a new territory of alchemy and possibility." - Nicole Buffett



Join us Friday for a wine toast with the artist herself!

When: April 22nd, 2016 5-8 pm

Where: Mignonne Decor!

2447 San Pablo Ave.

Berkeley, CA 94702


Find out more about Nicole Buffett at her wesbiste:

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