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Our First Mignonne-At-Home Video!

Hello! If you've been following us on Instagram (and, if you haven't, you can find us @mignonnedecor) you may have seen that we've started sharing some videos with tips and tricks, along with behind-the-scenes peeks with Mignonne now that so many of us are sheltering-in-place. Today, we're sharing our first video with Alex--our lead furniture restorer who is telling all of us how to extend the life of your favorite vintage wooden pieces using oil. Watch along to see how fresh and restored your pieces can look, with very little effort. It's a great task to busy your mind and fill some of the extra time you may find yourself having on your hands now! Feel free to comment here, or on Instagram to let us know if you have any other ideas for behind-the-scene peeks you'd like to see, or other questions you'd like answered!

Also, we are currently offering online shipping as well as contactless local deliveries, we can even reserve pieces for you that you can pick up when the brick and mortar is back open again, too! We've got lots of great soothing candles, charming gifts, as well as plants (for locals) that are perfect for spring, and Mother's Day coming up, soon, look at our online shop to check out all the goodies!


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