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Berkeley Attic Transformation

Our Mignonne Team is always so thrilled to be able to collaborate with clients to transform their homes and spaces in need of rejuvenation. We're so pleased with the outcome of this exciting attic renovation and wanted to share the before and after photos so feel free to peruse below and check out our website to view more of our past interior design projects! More to come in 2019...

(Click on any of the below photos to be directed to our Interior Design webpage!)


This space was used as a guest bedroom, office and for storage. The client envisioned a brighter room with a more minimalist function for their work-from-home needs.


Mignonne's owner and principal designer took the vision and ran with this more contemporary remodel by stripping the floors back to their original stunning hardwood, and creating a custom sleek and modern built-in desk/filing system. By utilizing hidden storage in a more practical way and building additional storage to provide for the incredible potential of the attic, it provides gorgeous form and logical function.

To bring in some of Mignonne's unique aesthetic qualities - marrying vintage furniture and decor with the modern space - these elements further made the attic feel that much more soulful and charming.

We are just so thrilled with this past interior design project and the ability to work again with these wonderful repeat clients of ours!

Thank you all for reading and viewing and stay tuned for blog posts each month and future design projects in 2019!

Xx Team Mignonne

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