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Add Soulful Style with Vintage Books

As always, we are fond of every type of aesthetic, but we are especially drawn to places and spaces with a little age and a little whimsy. Whether your styling your living room, library, office (or any room), books are a great way to add depth - but VINTAGE books are a sure fire way to add a bit more soul.

We love the way vintage books create an olde world feel, and when mixed with contemporary books and decor it creates a unique and soulful aesthetic.

Feel free to get creative with your books when styling! It isn't just about the individual book, but how they are styled together. Stack them, scatter them or group them by color!

This month we put together a lovely collection of vintage books on how to learn French to add to our growing vintage book inventory. Each book has its own character, with a soulful patina and aged cover (some dating as far back as 1930's).

Clockwise from upper left corner:

For those that enjoy a more antique look, we also have books from previous collections that date back as far as the early 1900's and late 1800's.

Clockwise from upper left corner:

Click the links to be directed straight to the product! Or check our Book Section to see all of our literary treasures!

Thanks for reading!!


Team Mignonne

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