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Summer Weaves and Fiesta Flare

Summertime conjures thoughts of the beautiful and vast desert of the Southwest to the vibrancy of unique and colorful textiles. We launch this bountiful June collection to provide you with endless home decor inspiration and the creative accents to add to/transform your space into a place that excites you. Peruse below to see some of the newness and click on any product image to be directed to our site for purchase!

Woven vessels truly exemplify functional versatility with the appearance of thoughtful style. Accentuate your storage capabilities with different sizes and shapes to suit your every home need!

| Rustic Square Basket with Lid |

| Shallow Rustic Basket |

| Rustic Flower Basket |

| Rectangular Rustic Basket |

Lovely storage baskets in all different shapes and sizes...

| Large Basket with Handles |

We're inspired by the possible breadth of one aesthetic and love these weaved wall-hangings grouped together in conjunction with baskets used as storage! Scroll through to view some of these beauties alongside some of our curated Mexican ceramics and vibrant custom pillows...

[ Click on any of the product images to be directed to our site for purchase! ]

| Hand Woven Basket |

| Large Woven Wall Hang |

| Small Woven Wall Hang |

Summer vibes bring Mexican terra cotta and ceramics as unique accents and decor...

| Vallauris Terra Cotta Pot |

| Hand Painted Mexican Bowl |

| Mexican Terra Cotta Pot |

| Mexican Ceramic Gravy Boat |

We transformed these vintage Indian textiles into custom accent pillows and we're in love...come check them out in person at the showroom or click on any of the product images to purchase direct online!

| Round Embroidered Pillow |

| Red Embroidered Linen Pillow |

| Mini Square Embroidered Pillow |

| Mid-Century Leather Chair |

Furniture with vibrancy is brought to you to rejuvenate your space with summer flare and a refreshed palette!

| Goldenrod Mid-Century Sofa |

Pop on in to our Berkeley showroom to view all of these new exciting furniture/decor options in person and stay tuned for our monthly SALE releasing tomorrow! Subscribe to our mailing list at to be the first to know about major mark-downs up to 50% off and new collection releases!

Thanks so much for reading!

Xo Team Mignonne

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