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May Flowers bring Art Showers...

This month we've curated some of our favorite art pieces in addition to some new gems and created a gallery wall with thought and love for this addictive art world we're in...This team process has evoked fresh life and inspiration in the showroom and we're just reeling with furniture design ideas and spatial evolution. Come by to see our latest collection of artwork, aged plant vessels and enticing design publications!

[ Click on any of the product images to be directed to our site for purchase! ]

| Original 'Nina Vres' by Nicolitch |

| 'Wheat' by N.Mercer |

Our new collection of Cabana Magazine's Issue Nine : Spring/Summer 2018 is so striking and irresistible on the coffee table. Merely flipping through sparks creative inspiration like no other. We offer seven different textile cover options; each with a different placement and design and all as special and enticing as the rest...

[ Click on any of the product images to be directed to our site for purchase! ]

| Cabana Magazine : Issue Nine |

| Aged Corona Planter w/ Variegated Rubber Plant |

Speaking of inspiration...we've just received a brand new collection from Campo de' Fiori and we're showcasing some of their most decorative and uniquely crafted planters. We've planted some beautiful and adaptive house plants in a handful of pots to add to their existing character and offer them to you for immediate purchase online and to pop in for store-pick-up! We're in love...

Pair some of these table-top / wall-mounted vessels with our fantastic art collection or vintage/antique mirrors and reimagine your space with vivacious life and adoration.

| Cherub Mirror |

| Aged Clematis Planter (Small) |

| Woman in Gold |

Curl up on this brassy velvet couch or vintage tropic chair with a Cabana Magazine and glass of wine and dream about the interior potential that awaits...Burn a delightful, earthy, coconut wax Basik Candle...enjoy.

[ Click on any of the product images to be directed to our site for purchase! ]

| Basik Candle |

| Gold Baroque Mirror |

| Basik Candle : Mediterranean Fig Tree |

| Country Landscape in Oil |

| Lady with Flowers |

| Aged Clematis Planter w/ Striped Dracaena |

| Johnelle Mancha : Oil on Paper |

| Aged Petal Planter |

Overflowing with artwork, we styled several gallery walls throughout our showroom to convey the endless potential of how to hang and curate art amidst your home or creative space. We love this black & white wall with an aged oak, desert vibe.

| 'Late Afternoon' Woodblock Print |

| Aged Scallop Planter w/ Flowering Goldfish |

| Aged Poppy Planter |

Needless to say, we're taking in the beauty of artful abundance and greenery and you should too...come by our showroom to see our May collection in person and stay tuned for our monthly mark-down sale releasing tomorrow!

We've sold most of our colorful glassware but have refilled the void with more colorful loveliness and are discounting some of our favorites for you to take home...don't miss this SALE on decor and furniture starting tomorrow and lasting through Sunday!!!

As always, thank you for reading! Bises.

Xo Mignonne

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