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Soulful Stoneware to Warm your Home

This month, we're bringing you a bountiful collection of ceramics to use in your home and to style thoughtfully throughout this harvest//holiday season. Our lead designer and stylist curated a collection with a seasonal mindfulness during a time when we often hunker down and tend to furnish our living spaces with decor that provide for warmth and homemaking. Put the kettle on, cozy up and take a look at some of our newest home goods that just hit the Mignonne showroom.

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| Studio Signed Tall Vase |

| Bordeaux Ceramic Pitcher |

| Studio Spice Jar |

| Red Studio Bud Vase |

| Two Sided Glazed Vase |

| Studio Bud Vase |

California winters often still mean sunshine with an air of crispness so we love to harness that element in our living and creative spaces with browns, creams and earthy neutrals. From the desert of Joshua Tree to the lush Redwood forests, providing a sense of place is such a joy as designers and stylists. These organic components can take shape in any home, no matter where we are. Plants, dead and alive, are such great sources of styling with this new stunning collection. Check out some of our inspiration below and feel free to...

[ Click on any of the product images below to be directed to our site for purchase! ]

| Stoneware Weed Vase |

| Studio Boho Shaker |

| Ceramic Cow Skull |

| Studio Raku Vase |

| Vintage Stoneware Pitcher |

Ceramic Planters via Pinterest

Styled Sideboard Stoneware via Pinterest

| Minimalist Tree Vase |

| Blaisdell Signed Vase |

| Large Stoneware Vase |

This minimalist style inspiration lends well to any space to cluster different stoneware pieces to create a thoughtful accent area on a table-top or shelf.

[Pinterest inspired...]