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Mignonne : Reno and Rejuvenate

Mignonne ramps up for the harvest season with these stripped down, beautifully finished, natural concrete floors and fresh, cool white walls. This remodel provides a new platform for styling and photographing some newer collections as well as some of our favorite golden oldies!

Stop by Mignonne Decor to peruse vintage goods, plant collections, custom furniture and design in this rejuvenated showroom!

This lovely antique daybed and set of MCM dining chairs are for sale in the shop now!

[ Click on product images to be directed to the site for purchase!]

| White Two Tiered Table |

[Click on the images above or below to purchase these lovely pieces on our showroom floor now!]

| Metal Cabinet w/ Patina |

| Petite Rust Chair |

This thriving prickly pear cactus and this new-to-us Jay Lewis piece are both on sale and looking lovely on these pleasantly uncovered cement floors! Not to mention our recently finished custom 'Sonoran Desert' Wing Chair. This beauty has been revamped on its 1960s frame with luxurious mohair and Turkish wool kilim. A visit in person would be well worth the journey...

New store beauties and autumn floral arrangements...our Fall/Winter window displays have been installed and are showing off some beautiful deep hues and styles as we hunker down for the colder seasons.

Stop by Mignonne Decor to check out our new showroom renovation, Fall/Winter window display and some of our new collections. Stay tuned for more thoughtful collections releasing next month!

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