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Vintage Textiles and Baskets as Wall Decor

This summer, we are loving vibrancy on our walls and in our spaces and the use of unique textiles and hanging baskets, provide a one-of-a-kind design element to any home space!

[Click on any of the below item images to be directed to our site for purchase!]

| Woven Rustic Basket |

| Large Pakistani Basket |

| Shallow Woven Storage Basket |

At Mignonne, we've been hanging hand-woven rugs and various vintage textiles to create a visually interesting background for styling vignettes. This can be done at home against walls or other surfaces, in place of or in accordance with framed artwork. We love switching it up to keep things unique and eye-catching!

| Azilal Wool Rug |

| Vintage Beni Ourain Rug |

| Moroccan Kilim Rug |

Feeling inspired and ready to continue these interesting wall decor ideas with Mali Mudcloths and vintage textiles! [Click above to be directed to Pinterest]

| Desert Brown Print Mudcloth |

| African Indigo Throw |

| Thai Woven Throw |

| Saltillo Serape Textile; NOW, transformed into a newly upholstered chair! |


Stop by Mignonne Decor to check out some of these beautifully unique textiles and baskets, newest collections and custom design! Subscribe to our mailing list to be notified first and foremost about our future collection sales going on each month with discounts up to 50% OFF!

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