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Custom Storage Solutions

One of the biggest obstacles of design our homes is finding ways to store all of our stuff. Whether it's hobbies, collections, kids or sentimental objects, we tend to collect a lot in our lives, and figuring out ways to store them safely and neatly can be a big design challenge. Our solution? Custom built-in storage! Built in storage can seem like a daunting task, but with the right carpenter and design eye, you can make a lovely storage space that elevates your room and increases your homes value! It's a win win!

My client recently purchased a lovely home in North Berkeley and she wanted to renovate an office that was attached to their living room separated by french doors. She was in dire need of storage but still wanted the room to feel organized, modern and beautiful. With the help of our lead carpenter (and my husband) Brian Hill, we were able to make a built-in storage space that felt modern and timeless. Floating shelves give a sense of modernity, while the shaker doors, and appropriate moulding keep it classic. Last, but not least, we were able to match the crisp white that existed in the rest of the house to keep the room fresh and bright!

Looking to add some custom shelving/storage in your space? We'd be happy to help! Send us an inquiry HERE and tell us a little bit about your current space and your goals!

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