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Freshen your Indoor Space with some Outdoor Love

At Mignonne, we're always bringing in fresh collections after thoughtfully scouting for seasonal goodies to add to the shop! This month, we shot our team planting succulent and cacti compositions in a few unique vintage vessels and washed terra pots! We see this as an amazing way to showcase some personal creativity in any home space.

With natural jade stones and cacti soil, we created a layered, open terrarium with this wide glass vase. By providing rock and porous based tiers, these new prickly friends will feel right at home to lay their roots.

Considering ample space for each little flora is essential in letting them ground in a new environment and grow alongside their buds! In this case, balance and spatial awareness is most important but fortunately, these three are natural beauties and make our design process a true joy!

A top layer of jade stones provides for a clean look, porous draining technique and an overall polished aesthetic which allows the plants to truly pop.

This day was filled with innovative planting technique and choosing suitable vessels with true warmth, soul and practicality when it comes to nurturing new plant life! Glass, copper and brass are all such suitable options when seeking a fresh take on home decor.

Team Mignonne had a great time mixing a pink-wash for these terra pots to add some soul, age and general individuality. Each cacti planter has accompanying succulents and is supported by a vintage, matte saucer from the 1940s!


Below, we have included some of the above planters and additional vintage vessels for sale on our site AND at our shop! Click on any of the images to be directed to Mignonne's page for purchase and to view some of our other furniture and decor finds and creations. We're thrilled to be able to share this month's collection with you!

| Cactus in White-Washed Terra Pot |

| Pink-Washed Potted Cacti |

| Ceramic Potted Succulents |

| Glass Pedestal Terrarium with Succulents |

| Vintage Silver Dish with Aloe and Cacti |

| Small Brass Jewelry Bowl |

| Petit Brass Vase |

| German Orb Vase |

| Green Glass Vase |

| Amber Glass Vase |

| Pink Glass Vase |

| Etched Brass Vase |

| Brass Vase with Patina |


Stop by Mignonne Decor to check out some of our new plantlife and design creations for this upcoming summer season! Subscribe to our mailing list to be notified first and foremost about our MONTHLY MARK-DOWN release starting TOMORROW through Sunday, May 14th; as well as, future collection sales going on each month with discounts up to 50% OFF!

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