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Before & After: Make a Statement

Colorful statement pieces are so fun to add to a room, but can sometimes be tricky to design with, so most people would rather make the safer design choice and keep things in the same color scheme. But little do they know that it is so worth the risk!

This little Tansu style sideboard came to us recently, and as beautiful as it was, it lacked a punch. We all love neutrals, but sometimes color is the perfect antidote to a room full of whites and beiges. Therefore, our clients decided on the perfect shade of red to give this piece the vibrancy that it needed. Now, we can appreciate the beautiful hardware that much more, and the clients now have a piece that really makes a statement.

Do you want to paint your lackluster furniture piece but not sure what color would look best? Submit an inquiry HERE and we will get back to you with a thorough quote that includes a design meeting with one of our designers to pick the PERFECT shade of paint or stain that you need for you space.

Thanks for reading!



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