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Mid-century Make-overs!

Mid-century modern style furniture has been on trend for quite some time now, which means we get a lot of custom upholstery jobs with these sharp looking pieces. It's easy to spot one: delicate lines, stream lined silhouette, and usually made with teak. If you can find a frame in good condition, a reupholstery transformation can turn it from dated to stunning and modern!

The following three pieces are an example of just that. These three different clients came in with some pieces that were in incredible condition. With some simple repairs, light oiling and reupholstery work, we were able to turn them into usable and lovely additions to their home.

A Petite Mid-Century Desk Chair

This little chair was brought to us recently and we immediately fell in love. The frame was a beautiful natural teak, and had such a unique silhouette! An easy transformation with a small repair and quick reupholstery work with a vibrant mid-century inspired print.

Drab to Vibrant Mid-Century Dining Set

A lot of beautiful mid-century pieces get overlooked because of the dated and dirty upholstery. Luckily this client of ours saw the potential of this dining set and brought them in to get transformed. Just as predicted, these four chairs went from drab and boring to stunning statement pieces!

A Bare Mid-Century Chair

A lot of times a client will find a chair without cushions at all. So a common question we get is, "can you make cushions?", the answer is a quick yes! Not only can we upholster a frame, but we can also make detachable cushions for almost any chair. This style of chair typically has simple square/rectangular cushions with zippers so that the cushion covers can get easily cleaned.

After some sewing skills by our lead upholsterer, and a light oiling, this armchair went from bare bones to soft and inviting!

Stay tuned for more before & after furniture transformations on the blog!

Thanks for reading!



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