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Before & After: Renew to look old

Revamping and reupholstering vintage furniture will often transform a piece in hopes to make something old look new again. Obviously, we love these transformations and seeing something given a fresh new fabric and frame is satisfying and fun. But sometimes there are certain pieces that need to look aged. This was true for these two 1940's club chairs we acquired recently.

The frames were stunning and the deep seat was certain to be super comfortable, but it was clear that these chairs needed some serious reupholstery. Not only was the upholstery dirty and aged, but the dated pastel floral print did not compliment these chic and masculine frames. We knew we wanted transform these pieces to highlight their burly club silhouette while also matching the beautifully aged wood. When we decided on leather, everything that we had available looked too 'new'. How can we upholster these with leather, while maintaining that soulful aged look?

We found the answer in some vintage leather jackets! Genuine leather can be quite pricey and it's almost impossible to find a hide that has an authentic aged look. A beautifully worn-in leather jacket is cost effective and has a natural discoloration that only comes from use and time. Unfortunately, we did not have enough to cover both chairs entirely, so instead we thought we'd add some beautifully worn-in turkish rug textile for the cushions, and the rest in a matching recycled leather.

The result is a perfectly worn-in Turkish style club chair set. Perfect for a study or lounge room!

Find these chairs for sale on our shop furniture section!

Thanks for reading!



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