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Things of Spring on Our Minds...

Rainy and dreary beginnings to the new year evokes daydreaming of brighter times...

We've scouted some fresh, vivacious 'les choses de printemps' to our collection leading us through this winter and onto a rejuvenating spring season.

Things of Spring: Country Classic Dining Sets

These beautiful, country classic, French floral dishware sets add a clean and fresh take on any dining area.

We love to mix-n-match a feminine, floral plate underneath a masculine, Homer Laughlin rooster bowl to create a visually enticing place setting on any surface.

Via Pinterest

For further inspiration, we draw attention to this country classic place setting.

For a more rustic, bohemian styled dining area, come check out our ceramic mugs with blue floral accents. Bring a touch of color and brightness as the seasons shift!

These floral mug and saucer sets are great partners alongside our dishware above, or merely for tea time on a rainy day!

When considering barware, we like to spring-forward with weighted cocktail glasses in a clean, teal-green. Glassware with cool color accents can accompany more classic floral dishware in an eclectic yet naturally connected way.

We love cool blues, greens and everything in between when considering spring. These different florals add depth to your dishware collection and can be mixed-n-matched to no end!

Via Pinterest

The organic nature of these classic styles can be highlighted on an outdoor patio or garden party setting.

Introducing more pastel accents to any dining/kitchen area adds a femininity to a spring-forward theme. This French Provincial Pitcher from the 1940s can be used for holding liquids or as a statement vase. (Not to mention the amazingly beautiful hand-painted gold and turquoise design work!)

These beautiful vintage 'Duralex' dishes add even more brightness with this electric teal glass and beloved imperfections.

Stop by Mignonne Decor to experience these fresh Things of Spring to add to your home as we welcome a rejuvenating season in the next couple months! Our team loves to chat style and homemaking in any way that fits your lifestyle!

Thanks for reading!



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