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Customize Your Cushions with Mignonne!

At Mignonne Decor, a question we are often asked is: do you make custom cushions for a built in bench?

The simplest answer: yes we do!

We can help you with all of your design needs including reupholstery, repainting, repairs, re-staining, custom built furniture AND custom cushions! We know how to customize any built in nook or bench with perfectly fitting cushion(s) in any color and print you like! And best of all, we know how to make it super comfy and long lasting, so you don't have to replace it after a few months of use.

Just check out this custom project we did back in October for a family kitchen in Elmwood, Berkeley!

This family was hoping to get leather cushion made for their built in breakfast nook. They also picked out a beautiful vintage kilim we had in the shop that we transformed into colorful pillows to liven up the space! The result was a unique and cozy breakfast space!

Another recent project we just completed was for a family in North Berkeley. The clients had just welcomed their second little one into their family and wanted long lasting cushions. They also wanted to make sure there was a print to hide any future stains (and with two children under 5 that was a valid concern!).

We were so happy with the result! The space felt super inviting as well as stylish! Plus the fabric and print was very kid/stain friendly!

If you are looking to get custom cushions made for your space please send us an email with photos of your space:

Or you can upload your project idea HERE

It's as easy as uploading some quick snaps (from your phone is fine!) of your space/seating area. Please fill out the form provided with dimensions of the space, your name, number and email, and what you want/need for your custom project! We will get back to you soon with a comprehensive quote!

Thanks for reading!



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