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Afghan Accents

A colorful new batch of rugs from Afghanistan came in and we are dying! Each rug displays beautiful arrays of color and print, and no two are alike. Our rug guy brings these beauties straight from Afghanistan where they are hand dyed and hand woven with intricate care and perfectly imperfect patterns.

These colorful rug styles are known as Kilims and they refer to pileless textiles that are made by a flat-weaving technique. The flat nature of kilim's are what make these gems last a lifetime! No fluffing necessary, and they only get better with age.

Some examples of the kind of statements an Afghan Kilim can make...

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Not only do we have new kilim styles but we also are introducing Afghan Baluch rugs! If your looking for rich and colorful rugs with a bit more pile, look no further than Baluch rugs from Afghanistan.

Baluch rugs are woven by tribes people of western Afghanistan and eastern Persia, and are known for there intricate patterns and rich color palettes.

If you want a rug that makes a statement, with a more bohemian and moody vibe, Baluch rugs may fulfill your rug dreams.

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Interested in finding that perfect rug to anchor a room, but not sure how to pull it all together? Always feel free to shoot us an image of your space through our website here, and our design team will circle back with tips and thoughts on next steps!

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