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Before & After: Eco-Friendly Vintage Sofa

There are some furniture pieces in this world that seem beyond saving, but with a little imagination and whole lotta love, we can make the most hopeless pieces into brand new gems!

A client brought this vintage sofa to us in hopes of transforming into a usable and cute couch for her living room. Lucky for us, this client has a great eye and could see the potential in this broken down piece. It clearly has a great silhouette, with lovely buttons and was the perfect size. There was some significant restoration needed in the seat, and the color was all wrong, but we were so happy she brought it in because it is the perfect example of how far recycling old furniture can go.

After some perusing of fabrics, we finally settled on some eco-friendly cotton from Mignonne's fabric selection. Not only was the fabric eco-friendly, but we also decided to use organic wool batting, and natural latex foam to ensure a 100% earth-friendly transformation.

Some may say that eco-friendly fabrics and materials are costlier, but we love working with clients on different price points to give you the best value while still being able to be "green". Feel free to ask us about our eco-friendly options and we would be happy to give you some ideas!

Thanks for reading!



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