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Shibori Dye at Mignonne

If you don't know already, Mignonne Decor has some deep ties to France, and this September we are launching LUSH Getaways, a bed and breakfast retreat in Bartome, France.

Lush Getaways isn't just a bed & breakfast but a retreat where different makers will come to teach their specialty. This September, LUSH Getaways will be featuring photography lessons by photographer Ashley Batz, and chef Abigail Hitchcock (owner of Manhattans Camaje restaurant) where she will be preparing dishes and lessons.

We invited Candace C.Peters (a designer at Levis and lover of indigo) to the shop this past Sunday to give interested guests a little taste of what we do at LUSH Getaways. It was so fun to learn this fascinating dye technique, and the best part was that everyone got to keep their creations.

A little about Candace: A textile designer by trade, curious by nature. As a designer, she enjoys bringing new ideas to life in the form of fiber art. "I love the Indigo dyeing process because it is both color and pattern, beautiful hues and exciting shapes-presenting endless possibilities to freely explore and create new stories."

The group learned about Shibori Indigo dying using natural dyes and white tea towels and napkins. We used wood shapes / rubber bands / twine / rocks and more to create intricate patterns in the dying vats!

And it isn't a Mignonne event without delicious snacks...

Cofounders of LUSH Getaways also helped the class! @jabulile & @mignonnedecor and @thebohemiansfrance sent her love from Brantome

Space is running out at LUSH, but we have to spaces left!!

To learn more about LUSH Getaways, visit their site

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