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Bar Talk

As usual, new things are popping up at the shop and our barware section is fully stocked. It is so fun to see all the vintage goodies that would make a perfect and unique addition to you're personal bar.

Don't have a personal bar? We just found the perfect one! This beautiful antique bar features plenty of storage space and can be the hub for any house party.

Not sure what to stock your bar with? A vintage set of glassware, a vintage bottle opener, or some fun shot glasses can make great conversation starters, plus add a bit of character and individuality to your bar.

Check out our different collections below:

Cocktail, Martini, and Margarita Glassware

Whiskey Glasses



Shot Glasses

Bottle Openers

Wine Glasses


Also, check out some fun barware styling to see how vintage barware can liven up your party.

Find our barware goodies HERE

Thanks for reading!!



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