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A Modern Transformation

A classic mid century Eames Style lounger is a coveted piece by many, and we are always excited to see them turn up when working with our clients on custom upholstery projects. I like to imagine the movies and family nights they have had in their past. And I like to think of the stories they could tell...with someone cozied up in a decked out original mid century living room, filled with monochromatic colors, wood panelling and shag rugs. To be honest, I actually think I like imagining the past lives of all the vintage pieces that come into our life when I am out scouting for original inventory for the showroom floor!

In the spirit of these mid century loungers, I'd thought we'd share with you one we just revamped for a client! With more minimal designed furniture, I think less is more when it comes to selecting fabrics, and keeping it classic is important. So we sourced a recycled leather in a nutty, tawny color palette. We actually love using recycled leathers ( which are a leather vinyl blend ), because they have a more sophisticated and natural leather feel than vinyls alone, and they are much more affordable in comparison with genuine leather.

As you can see, the original fabric had worn through, and was on it's last leg before the stuffing would be popping through the seats. We also were able to refinish the metal feet for our client, that had been previously painted & had faux wood wallpaper on some parts that was ripped. Because it was not salvageable or attractive 'as is', we opted to redo the base in a matte black. Typically we would not advise altering the chrome on a piece as such, but are happy with the details we achieved..

Some of our favorite styled looks.....

See more of our finished upholstered pieces HERE!

Start a convo HERE for a piece you've been dreaming to revamp.

Thanks for reading!



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