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Contemporary Bathroom Sprucer

Bathroom design can be a lot of fun, but it can also be pretty challenging. Bathrooms are generally quite small, and require a lot of storage and fixtures, which means when designing you have to make the best use of the space you have while still meeting all of the clients fixture needs.

When our client approached us with her bathroom project, we saw it as a great example of how tricky bathroom layouts can prove to be very challenging when redesigning. Her biggest goal was to create more storage while still allowing there to be space and tidiness.


Before, the client had a pedestal sink, tub shower, and a cute narrow cabinet. While the cabinet is cute, it wasn't right for the space, and it was too much work keeping tidy with the see-through chickenwire doors and all of the toiletries on the inside.

We love a good pedestal sink. They are usually as old as the homes they are installed in, and they can create space in an otherwise cramped or tiny bathroom. But the only drawback is that they have 0 storage space. Luckily, our client's bathroom wasn't too small, so adding a bathroom sink with cabinetry was the perfect solution!

We were also able to replace the chickenwire cabinet with a matching cabinet, dividing the toilet with the shower, and creating extra surface space.

Now, we have a cohesive and tidy bathroom space with tons of storage! But our favorite addition was the sliding barn door (which was also designed to save space!).

Need help transforming your bathroom? We'd love to help! Just submit an inquiry here and we will reply with the right design package to suit your needs!

Thanks for reading!



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