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Mignonne-At-Home Video Series: Problem Solving Imperfections

In our latest installment of Mignonne-At-Home we are answering some questions that our viewers raised! In our first video we shared how to use oil to bring back luster and extend the life of your vintage pieces, we also got to hear from owner/principal design Johnelle give some insight into the process behind our custom upholstery services today we're answering questions about how to do some mini-restorations, remove watermarks, and more.

As we mention in the video, some projects may need a little more professional help and be a bigger undertaking than a few imperfections--if that's the case, email us through our site, and we can figure out the best plan forward with your special piece! Also, don't forget to shop with us online, we offer shipping on our site (great for sending something special to someone you're missing right now), as well as contactless local deliveries.

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