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New Year, New Collection

We're wishing everyone such a joyful holiday season and the capping off of a very full and eventful 2017! Moving into this next year, we're bringing you unique and thoughtfully compiled vintage collections in collaboration with current lines of high quality and minimal production. From local ceramicists, Totem and Luvhaus to the unique quarterly artist's journal, Unvael, we're providing themed collection releases for your viewing and buying pleasures! December has fostered a curated grouping of ceramics and warming decor items to furnish your hearth. Check out some of our newest showroom additions and stay tuned for what we have in store for 2018...

[ Click any product image to be directed to our site for purchase!]

| Totem Ceramics |

| Totem 'Tall Tumbler' in Sandstone |

| Totem 'Spice Jar' in Sandstone |

| Totem 'Mug' in Crater White |

| Totem 'Spice Jar' in Crater White |

| Luvhaus Ceramics 'Soda Tumbler' in Mauve |

In addition to these unique and locally made ceramics, we are thrilled to be showcasing a beautiful quarterly journal from Unvael! This publication embodies such striking artistry and layout design; an ideal addition to any coffee table or library.

'Unvael is a periodic journal designed to bring to light artists from around the world. It's a cross between a coffee table book and a magazine. Each issue will feature not just photography but incredible artists from all sorts of mediums such as painting, sculpting, music, etc. Unvael was created to showcase a subset of the industry that is badass but doesn't get the huge attention it deserves. Each issue will be a limited run and will include at least one print from a featured artist in that issue.'

- Michael Ash Smith, Creator & Editor

| Issue One : Unvael Journal |

New collection releases also means that our owner and lead designer is scouting for one-of-a-kind vintage furniture and our team is designing and revamping together to breathe new life into aged pieces. Stop by our Berkeley showroom to see these additions in person and get ready to fall in love with their soulful nature...

[ Click any product image to be directed to our site for purchase!]

| Wooden Spice Cabinet |

| 'Bourdeilles' Velvet Chair |

| 'Viola' Black Sideboard |

What's to come...amber hues and climbing ivy...

Happy New Year to all and once more, wishing you a rejuvenating month as we reflect on the leaps taken during 2017 and the opportunity and creativity that 2018 holds for us as a collective community. Stop by our showroom to view these new lines and to check out some of the newer furniture pieces our team is revamping and recreating! We love coming together to bring you curated home furnishings and artistic passion. Subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to know about these monthly releases and knock-out sales at Mignonne Decor!

We'll be releasing our newest collection January 2nd so stay tuned...

Thanks for reading!



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