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Choice Chinoiserie as we Spring into Warmer Months

We're feeling a sense of rejuvenation with our new spring window displays and these beautiful blue and white sets of vintage Chinoiserie finds. In or our latest styled shoot, our team combined some unique porcelain and ceramic goods with mid-century milk glass and colored glass vases to provide for a fresh look as we welcome these warmer, brighter months to come.

Local citrus, floral arrangements and some new potted plants have us feeling awakened and ready to greet this Spring/Summer with fresh styling eyes. Shift your at-home design perspective with some creative inspiration!

This milk glass hobnail serving dish is not only a clean, feminine take on a table centerpiece but also has such versatility as a mid-century accent for any room.

Our scouted porcelain vases, boxes and this unique Chinese rice holder (pictured above) have added some depth to this season's collections of Chinoiserie.

Fill out your dining table settings with intricately patterned blue and white dishware and serving vessels.

Adding tasteful wooden utensils or serving bowls in collaboration with our dark wood kitchen table, creates a grounded, earthen element in balance with the lightness of these collections.


Below we have included all and additional items pictured above that represent our newest collections of Chinoiserie, milk glass and tinted glass vessels to add some fresh beauty to spaces in your home. We are thrilled to share our fun finds with you and are constantly scouting for new, soulful additions to our shop. Click on any image to be directed to our site to purchase!

| English Churchill Dinner Plate Set |

| English Churchill Dessert Plate Set |

| Chinese Rice Bowl Set |

| English Churchill Small Plate Set |

| Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers |

| Large 1960s Colonial Decorative Plate |

| 1960s Colonial Decorative Plate |

| 1970s Folk Bowl with Lid |

| Blue and White Rice Bowls |

| Cottage Chic Ceramic Vase |

| Ceramic Japanese Plates |

| Burgenland 1960s Porcelain Bowl |

| Ornate Japanese Small Plate Set |

| 1960s Mason's English Pedestal Bowl |

| Chinese Rice Holder |

| Floral Ceramic Soy Sauce Trays |

| Rustic Wood Bowls |

| Painted Ceramic Box with Lid |

| Large Wood Salad Bowl |

| Ceramic Chinese Vase |

| Danish Teak Serving Bowl |

| Stoneware Coffee Mugs |

| Rustic Wood Serving Bowl |

| Coral Pink Vase |

| Large Blue Vase |

| Pink Glass Vase |

| French Ricard Shot Glasses |

| Depression Era Candy Dish |

| Flutter Milk Glass Bowl Set |

| Large Milk Glass Vase |


Stop by Mignonne Decor to experience these collections to add to your home as we welcome a rejuvenating spring season in the next couple months! Our team loves to chat style and homemaking in any way that fits your lifestyle.

Thanks for reading!



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