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Vintage Versatility + Bath & Beauty

At Mignonne, we love to mix and match some of our vintage collections for multiple uses. The above textile, ceramic and brass finds can be used to add warm and earthy accents to any bathroom or vanity.

Brass, copper and silver vintage vessels add a beautiful and soulful spin on the ordinary bath product carriers. Applying these elements in storing your daily cleansing sundries provides for a stylistically thoughtful space.

Some of our antique French medicine tins used as brush holders, match boxes for bathtime candlelight or bath salt/herb vessels fit this French-country-classic vibe seamlessly. These aged, patina finds are what we see as perfectly imperfect; a story behind each item.

Natural simplicity.

For a cleaner, brighter bathroom vision, we use milkglass, vintage decanters and pewter for storage and room accents. Our potted plants add a liveliness and other-element to a counter surface or bath window sill.

To add femme notes, we use vintage rose glass trays and mugs as a jewelry dish and brush holder. Amidst our larger sets of crystal champagne glasses, we've spared one or two as cotton-ball and q-tip vessels!

We have several vintage ceramic boxes with floral accents to further this femme-classic styled bath set.

This rose-glass ashtray is ideal as a soap dish or bath-salt vessel!


Below we have included all and additional items pictured above that represent the versatility of some of our vintage collections utilized beautifully for styling bath and beauty spaces in your home! We are thrilled to share our fun finds with you and are constantly scouting for new, soulful additions to our shop! Click on any image to be directed to our site to purchase!

| Mali Mud Cloth - Desert Brown |

| Mali Mud Cloth - White |

| Short Brass Candle Holder |

| Vintage Brass Candle Holder |

| Vintage Brass Candle Holder |

| Brass Ashtray |

| Indian Floral Box with Lid |

| Antique Filigree Jar with Lid |

| Pewter Candle Holders |