California Winters at Mignonne

We feel lucky to have such beautiful ceramics, stoneware, wooden and brass bohemian goods to showcase some of our home-state's winter treasures. Citrus, root veggies and rich grainy breads plate gorgeously on some of our newest collections. Bringing a warm and earthy element to your home can provide an organic dining style to these cozy yet plentiful evenings in!

At Mignonne, we love using textured ceramic vases and ink bottles to hold dried flowers or herbs to represent this season of resourcefulness and hibernation.

Lucky us...winter in The Bay means citrus galore and this unique Studio Pottery Plate presents these fresh and vibrant colors in a natural and complimentary way. [Click on any item's image at the bottom of the page to purchase on our site!]

This large copper serving bowl has beautiful intentional texture and natural patina from age that adds a practical purpose on any dining surface!

These vintage cast iron pots and wooden serving platter are essential when preparing and creating a home-cooked meal!

Starting from scratch...set your table with a minimalist yet earthy tone with our Japanese made stoneware dinner set from Otagiri.

Dinner is served...time to pour the wine and light the Moroccan lanterns to add to this alluring and cozy dining atmosphere.

Finishing off a meal with hot lemon water or tea and fresh citrus and cheese is an ideal palate cleanser in our minds. This set of 1970s boho mugs perch perfectly with their unique base and stem and fit many different houseware styles with their lovely simplicity.


Below we have included all and additional items pictured above that represent this winter's collections of natural and bohemian styled household items and furniture. We are thrilled to share our fun finds with you and are constantly scouting for new, soulful additions to our shop! Click on any image to be directed to our site to purchase!

| Minimalist Salad Plate Set |

| Cast Iron Pot with Lid |

| Brass Goblet Pair |

| Cast Iron Pot |

| Small Brass Jewelry Bowl |

| Otagiri Horizon Dinner Plate Set |

| Brass Bowl with Patina |

| Ceramic Ink Bottle |

| Rustic Wood Serving Bowl |

| Moroccan Table Egg Lantern |

| Moroccan Table Lantern |

| Yellow Mali Mudcloth |

| White Mali Mudcloth |

| Black Mali Mudcloth |

| 1970s Boho Mugs |

| Ceramic Orb Vase |

| Primitive Shallow Bowl |

| Stoneware Potter's Pitcher |

| Mid - Century Italian Ice Bucket |

| Smoke Goblet Set of 4 |

| Studio Pottery Plate |

| Ceramic Sake/Shot Set |

| Teakwood Soy Candle |

| Salmon Pastilles Tin |

| Glass Container with Brass Lid |

| Academia Library Table |

| Antique Thermos Pitcher |

| 1973 Petite Potters Vase |

| Roseville Vase with Plant |

| Grey Stoneware Bowl |

| Handwoven Afghan Runner |

| Handwoven Afghan Runner |

| Turkish Rug Storage Bench |

| Tribal Ottoman |

| Mid - Century Tribal Accent Bench |

| Mid - Century Tribal Accent Bench |

| Kilim Folding Chair |

| Vintage Modern Bent Ply Chair |

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