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Built-In Banquette

Whenever people walk into the store and ask what kind of design services we offer, I say just about everything! And I mean it. Not only can we cover your re-upholstery, repainting, repairs and re-staining needs, but we also offer interior design services and of course, any custom built object... from scratch. Yes, that is right - whatever you're in need of, we can build it. Our in-house carpenter (Brian Hill) not only possesses amazing carpentry skills and experience, but he also happens to be married to the owner of Mignonne Decor (Johnelle Mancha). So it goes without saying that he not only has the talent to build whatever you want, but he also has Johnelle there to help you get the best aesthetic and design for your space.

Our most recent project at this North Berkeley residence is a perfect example of the beautiful harmony of design and skilled carpentry. This family had a beautiful home and wanted their dining area to reflect the rest of the kitchen. The obstacle was what most families run into: they wanted their dining space to feel fresh, modern and bright, but they also have kids, and therefore wanted the furniture to be practical and last!

After considering their wishlist, Johnelle came up with a perfect neutral and durable fabric that feels fresh and modern, but will also withstand years of family meals and get togethers.

Let's be honest, the kitchen and the dining room are the epicenters of every home, so who wouldn't want their dining area as comfortable as their living room? This built-in banquette makes eating dinner super cozy and the booth-like design keeps the space fresh and down-to-earth. Now, and awkward corner dining area is a cozy and unexpected hang out spot!

Looking for a carpenter to build your custom dream furniture? Check out our custom services Built-In page and fill out the form. We will get back to you with a quote!

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