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Vintage JR Bunting Glider Pie Crust Garden Chairs (sold individually)


22.75" wide X 28" deep X 35" tall

Circa: 1940's/1950's

Condition: Great vintage condition with sealed Patina'd finish


These lovely scroll metal chairs have been sealed to lock in patina. One has a light retro green and one is a teal color. (sold individually)



J.R. Bunting Glider Company of Philadelphia is arguably the manufacturer people think of the most when you say midcentury metal glider. The workers were said to be so proud of their work, they looked forward to personally stamping every piece of furniture.

Their furniture was crafted using superior US steel. They made several patterns with matching chairs, which is part of why so many still exist. Aaron Goldberg was the President of Bunting and was behind many of the original inventions from the 30’s through 50’s.
Bunting began in 1827 as a mattress maker. Later in the century they added cabinet making and offered furniture. Near the turn of the century, swinging metal baby cribs were featured in company catalogues. Within a few years the company began producing cut-out and embossed steel glider sets. Even though these gliders have been out of production for decades, they are still very popular. Because the gliders were crafted of superior steel, many of these pieces are in good shape eighty years later. The cutout motifs were in production till the 1960’s.

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