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Everything Green & Aged

March has us dreaming of spring days and freshness although the sky outside still looks a bit grey...we meld the beauty of natural rejuvenation, vintage books and new custom furniture pieces to create a lovely space to welcome the sunnier days on the horizon. We've just released our Campo 'de Fiori planter collection and vintage/antique book set so scroll through this compilation and click on any product that suits you to be directed to our site to purchase and take home!

| Aged Pie Crust Nursery Planter (Tall) |

| Aged Scallop Planter (Medium) |

We've foraged for wild and seasonal greenery and blossoms to energize our showroom and continue the inspiration of texture and color...

[ Click on any of the below product images to be directed to our site for purchase! ]

| Little Masterpieces Books |

| 1900 Modern Eloquence |

Our antique book collections are gorgeous and such a joy to style with but to also dip into, explore and imagine a simpler time...

| Machester Oak Table |

| Antique Catholic Encyclopedia |

Beautiful and unique marbleization techniques on the inside of each cover; prefacing the loveliness to come as you delve into the ancient binding and flip through the antiqued pages.

[ Click on any of the product images to be directed to our site for purchase! ]

| 1913 New Teachers' & Pupils' Cyclopaedia |

| Aged Victorian Planter with Succulent |

| Aged Victorian Mini Planter with Succulent |

Mossy green pots that will only continue to evolve with age and growth meets thoughtful upholstery and styled furniture to create an irresistible space.

| Mid Century Teak Bookshelf |

| Sonny Mid-Century Chair |

| Lawson 1960's Velvet Sofa |

Truly our new shop favorite...this brassy golden velvet couch on a simplistic mid-century wooden frame. It has such luster while also emanating comfort and soul. We dream of Parisienne nights and cozy mornings with a book and a cup of tea or espresso...stop by to see this beauty in person.

Thank you so much for reading and keep an eye out for tomorrow's Monthly Mark-Down sale release through Sunday! Subscribe to our website to be the first to receive the sale items and be able to order direct from our page!

Xoxo Mignonne

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