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Amber Glass + Natural Abundance

This January, we're showcasing vintage amber glass with smatterings of apothecary bottles and sage/aqua tints. Along with this beautiful collection of soulful home decor and newly designed and reimagined furniture pieces, we've curated some gorgeous foliage, focal floral arrangements and a vivacious plant collection. This collaboration between decor and vibrant natural liveliness sets the scene for some inspirational home styling!

[ Click on any of the product images below to be directed our site for purchase! }

| Amber Stem Coupe Glassware |

| Amber Glass Goblets |

| Amber Glassware Set |

| 'Purex' Amber Jug Vase |

| Antique Wine Bottle Vase |

| Antique Amber Bottle Vase |

| Olive Glass Bottle Vase |

| Antique Clear Bottle/Bud Vase |

| JSP Soda Malt Bottle Vase |

To provide solidity and breadth within a seasonal collection, we source/design/showcase unique furniture pieces to support the decor. Below you'll see some of our newer pieces we've recently displayed on our showroom floor...they're even more stunning in person!

[ Click on any of the product images below to be directed our site for purchase! }

| 'Hammond' Velvet Chair |

| 'Tiger Lily' Empire Dresser |

We love collaborating design entities to create a unique and thoughtful aesthetic for any living or creative space. Plant curating is a lovely way to access texture and depth while styling a space and we've included some compositions below that are now for sale at our Berkeley showroom!

| 'Havana' Side Table |

| 'Maya' Antique Oak Rocker |

| Indoor Olive Tree |

| English Potted Ivy |

| Mid Century Chest of Drawers |

| 'Bourdeilles' Velvet Chair |

| Solid Pine Coffee Table |

| Succulent Composition in Vintage Stoneware |

| Snake Plant and Succulent in Vintage Pot |

| Aloe/Succulent in Vintage Pot |

| Striped Dracaena in Brass Lionhead Vase |

Happy New Year to all as we commence 2018 with rejuvenation, vibrancy and readiness to welcome this year of abundance and support of one another. Sharing in artistic inspiration to create warm and soulful spaces where we live and where we work is our passion at Mignonne Decor and we look forward to what this year may bring! Tomorrow, we'll be releasing our monthly sale blast so subscribe to our mailing list at to be the first to know!

We'll be presenting our next collection on February 6th so stay tuned...

Thanks for reading!



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