April 22, 2018

April 11, 2018

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Style Files: Retro Modern Chic

September 25, 2016

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Amber Glass + Natural Abundance

January 10, 2018

This January, we're showcasing vintage amber glass with smatterings of apothecary bottles and sage/aqua tints. Along with this beautiful collection of soulful home decor and newly designed and reimagined furniture pieces, we've curated some gorgeous foliage, focal floral arrangements and a vivacious plant collection. This collaboration between decor and vibrant natural liveliness sets the scene for some inspirational home styling!


[ Click on any of the product images below to be directed our site for purchase! }  

| Amber Stem Coupe Glassware | 

| Amber Glass Goblets | 

| Amber Glassware Set |

| 'Purex' Amber Jug Vase | 

| Antique Wine Bottle Vase | 

| Antique Amber Bottle Vase |

| Olive Glass Bottle Vase | 

| Antique Clear Bottle/Bud Vase | 

| JSP Soda Malt Bottle Vase |  


To provide solidity and breadth within a seasonal collection, we source/design/showcase unique furniture pieces to support the decor. Below you'll see some of our newer pieces we've recently displayed on our showroom floor...they're even more stunning in person!


[ Click on any of the product images below to be directed our site for purchase! }  

| 'Hammond' Velvet Chair | 

| 'Tiger Lily' Empire Dresser |


We love collaborating design entities to create a unique and thoughtful aesthetic for any living or creative space. Plant curating is a lovely way to access texture and depth while styling a space and we've included some compositions below that are now for sale at our Berkeley showroom!