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Before & After: Painted Ladies

At Mignonne, we have the pleasure of working with all sorts of clients with a variety of different styles and tastes! Most of the time, clients prefer keeping things simple and working with one fabric (which we love!). But once in a while we get a client who has adventurous taste and wants to aim for a unique design! These purple 'painted ladies' were just that!

When our client brought these vibrant pink armchairs in we knew we were dealing with someone who wasn't afraid of color. The client loved the chair, but was redecorating and needed a change, so this was a great opportunity to play with versatile fabrics and to try something a little different.

After perusing a wide variety of fabrics, the client finally selected a fun painterly print fabric and paired it with a vibrant purple velvet. By placing the wild print fabric on the back, and keeping the dark velvet on the front, we were able to create a harmonious balance that didn't feel too wild, but still had significant interest. Lastly, purple piping brought it all together to create some stylish and unique armchairs!

Find these chairs in our Archive Upholstery section on our website!

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