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Trouvé en France

Brantôme, France

This year has been exciting for many reasons, but the most memorable has been our collaborative launch of LUSH Getaways. In September we invited several skilled makers as well as a handful of guests on a week long bed & breakfast workshop in Brantôme, France. Brantôme is a small ancient town in the Dordogne region of France, and it is home to our sister shop The Bohemians, as well as a hub for stunning and rare French antiques.

Johnelle scouting out all the vintage goodies

Our time there was filled with cooking classes, photography lessons, wine tasting and a lot of exploring, but one of our favorite activities was shopping for antiques at the local flea market with designer and owner of Mignonne Decor, Johnelle Mancha. Together we sourced a variety of fun and rare French antiques to bring back to the Bay Area, and we are so excited to finally unpack them and put them out on the showroom floor.

We always get a ton of inspiration from our travels to France and this year we have several collections featuring antique tin boxes, brass containers and other little goodies to accent your home.

One of our favorite finds is our antique tin box collection. These tin boxes are quintessential French antiques, and they come in the cutest colors and sizes. Dating back from the 1950's to even the late 1800's, these small tin boxes make unique and charming holders for all of your small treasures. We have even filled some of these with colorful matches, for a cute way to light your fireplace or candles.

Small tin with strike anywhere matches

Tin canisters with large colorful matches

These tin boxes come in a variety of sizes: Tiny boxes are perfect for holding earrings, change, or business cards - While the bigger boxes make great jewelry holders, photo boxes, or as storage for your art or sewing supplies.

Another collection of goodies we are excited to introduce is an assortment of brass containers. Each one is unlike the other, and all are at least as old as the 1940's. We love these little guys as sea salt holders for your kitchen, but any small item use is perfect!

As always, it wouldn't be a trip to Europe if we didn't bring back some vintage ashtrays. Check out these really fun (and very French) ones in the shop:

We also brought back a variety of odds and ends that can make great small statements in any room...

Hand-painted Chocolate Box

1950's Card Set in Tin Box

1940's Travel Kit

Art Deco Leather Stationary Holder

Ricard Shot Glass Set

Aluminum French Canisters

Children's Wood Toy Box

Cognac Liquor Box

Visit or decor page to see all of the new goodies we brought back, and much more! (All available for purchase online)

For more info about LUSH getaways, visit their site and join their mailing list to get updates on next years LUSH getaway excursion.

Thanks for reading!



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