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A Turkish Delight

​A common question we get at the shop is: Where do you find this stuff?

The real answer is, everywhere! But the most accurate answer is that we usually get a lot of people come into the shop to unload unwanted piece that needs some work. Johnelle and the designers love seeing potential in unloved pieces, and this settee that was recently brought into the shop was one such piece.

A regular came by one day with this sad settee and despite its dirty exterior and dated colors, we couldn't help put fall in love with it's silhouette and diminutive size.

The task was obvious, we needed to re-stain the legs and change the reupholstery. Basically, change everything. But with such a cute silhouette and size, we knew it would be worth it...

It took us a few ideas before we settled on the perfect textile. We wanted something that really packed a punch, but also toned down the femininity of the settee. This Turkish rug we had lying around was the PERFECT solution: timeless, durable and balanced the soft silhouette with it's geometric patterns.

After we selected our fabric, we stained the legs to a dark ebony to pull from the dark tones in the rug.

Now it is a timeless statement piece! A little retro, a little bohemian and super duper cute. It's small size also makes it perfect as entry seating, at the end of the bed, or as a little bench at your dining room table!

Find this darling settee in our showroom or on our site!

Thanks for reading!



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