Hand Carved Ambrosia Maple Cutting Board


Height - 14”, width - 4 ¼”, thickness ¾”.

Circa: New / Contemporary & Handmade

Condition: Excellent


Sleek and classy, this Ambrosia Maple Board adds a natural feel to your table spread. Use to arrange baguette, line up a few cheeses, or sliced cured meats.


Picture this: one tree is harvested. The log is sawn into boards which are dried for a year, or more. When ready, this raw material is carefully crafted into Nightwood's signature offerings that reflect the history and personality of the living source, all while carrying an air of simplicity and refinement. The wood continues to speak for itself. The grain is always highlighted, and the natural properties of the material are honoured. People hold a charcuterie board and sense this story. Their plants sit in our holders and feel at home. And so the tree is shared and becomes intertwined in many lives, carrying with it the joy and serenity of the forest. Every Nightwood piece echoes our respect for nature and our commitment to quality, and carries the reminder that women can break down barriers and create the beauty they wish to see in the world.