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Framed Floral Watercolor


15 3/4" wide X 18 3/4" tall X 3/4" deep

Circa: 2004 signed Gren Hayes

Condition: Great vintage condition


Bay Area Artist Patricia Gren Hayes born 1932  was part of the Figurative Feminist Art Movement. She has had her works exhibited in many galleries and festivals. She studied outdoor impressionism in New York and attended The California College of Arts and Crafts, and in 1976 B.A., U.C. Berkeley where she studied under Elmer Bischoff, David Simpson, Joan Brown, Felix Ruvolo, Yolanda Lopez and Vincent Perez.

She started a free lance commercial art business in 1963; copyrighted a National Cartoon, 1976 and served as Exhibition Director for San Francisco Woman Artists Gallery and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 1976-1978. She was a workshop instructor at the San Francisco Woman Artists Gallery, 1977-1985; and was Manager/Owner Stanton Art Gallery, Alameda, CA, 1976-1982.


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