Forest Flowers Candle


Our Forest Flowers candle is warm and floral, like a sultry summer evening.

Notes of:
lemon • mandarin • jasmine • rose • violet • pepper • white lily • patchouli • sandalwood • white musk

This Burn + Bloom candle series comes with a paper dust cover infused with wildflower seeds. This little eco-friendly dust cover not only keeps your candle free of any dust and debris in the air, but can also be used to plant your own wildflowers once you're finished with your candle! 


Step 1 • Empty out your candle tumbler (or any planter you'd like!) To clean out your candle tumbler, you can either place it in the freezer to solidify any leftover wax and pop it out once it's frozen, or you can wash it out with soap and water.
Step 2 • Fill your tumbler/plater with your choice of potting soil to about half way.
Step 3 • Place your seed-infused paper dust cover on top of the soil.
Step 4 • Place a thin layer of soil over the dust cover (enough so that you can't see the white poking through, but not so much that sprouts won't make it through the surface!)
Step 5 • Place in a sunny spot + water often.
Step 6 • Watch your new wildflowers grow!

Each seeded dust cover is a random blend of bird's eyes, clarkia, black-eyed susan, catchfly, sweet alyssum and snapdragons. Like all living plants, your dust covers should be looked after with care + attention. Be sure to water often and give them lots of sun! Results will vary depending on location.