Artisan Vase By Creitz


4 3/4" diameter X 10 3/4" tall

Circa: 1960's / 1970's signed Creitz

Condition: Great vintage condition


This is a great representation of a William Creitz pottery. Style with your favorite bouquet or just on a table or shelf.

  WILLIAM (BILL) CREITZ BIO (oddly, for as many websites that reference William Creitz and his pottery, there is very little biographical information available on this important artist. Therefore, and apologies are provided in advance, the following information is reconstituted from several websites without complete verification)

  Beginnning in the 1950s, William Creitz, who was a student of Ray Grimm at Portland State University, was inspired by Japanese pottery and consequently imbued his own work with these influences. According to the book “A History of Ceramics in the Pacific Northwest,” Creitz was always interested in pushing form to the point of exaggeration and in the ornate qualities of decoration.

  Creitz was a member of the Linnton Potters Group from 1961 to 1968 where he worked alongside his former teacher Ray Grimm.   Tom Coleman, another very well-known potter, cites Creitz as one of his inspirations along with Shoji Hamada, David Shaner, and Robert Sperry. Creitz has won many awards, most notably at the Ceramics Monthly Prize for Pottery at the Ceramics National Exhibition in 1967 held at the Everson Museum in Syracuse, New York.

  Examples of Creitz’s pottery are included in the American Ceramic Society “Ceramic Monthly Collection” and were featured in an exhibition titled "Open Minds / Covered Jars: The Pacific Northwest 1945-1975" held at the BIF Gallery in Seattle alongside the work of other studio potters such as Lorene Spencer, Robert Sperry, and others.