Bring The Outdoors In With Mignonne

There's never been a better time to bring a little more life into your indoor space. A plant is significantly less commitment than a new pet, but it's still something to nurture and entertain you, albeit slowly. Thankfully, at Mignonne we have not only a wide array of plants, but we also have beautiful vessels to put them in, and books to teach you how to care for them! Make sure you check out our recent blog post all about how we keep our plants healthy. If you see something you like, we are still happily offering local contactless deliveries--so you don't even have to leave to get a new plant, a pretty pot and a New Plant Parent book, so you know what you're doing! As always, you can shop

Tips on easy plant care at home with Mignonne

We commonly hear from our patrons here at Mignonne that they don't have a green thumb, or they wish they could have plants but don't have the time to keep them alive. The truth is it's a lot easier than you think to care for houseplants and no one is born having a green thumb. All gardeners, including experts, have killed plants. It's all by trial and error. Now, I can say that I have a green thumb and you can too! I will discuss some simple tips that can help you become a better gardener. The main thing everyone should know is the species of plant that you have. Sometimes you get a plant and there's no description or care instruction label on it. A great tool that can take care of that prob

Mignonne Is Taking You Along To Our Rug Shop!

Today's video round-up is all about rugs. We cannot get enough of our vast collection of rugs from around the world. A vintage rug really is the perfect addition to a modern space to make it feel lived in, unique, and warm. In an eclectic space it adds even more--either grounding the space more, or successfully furthering an already layered look. If you're not sure what your style is, mercifully rugs can help to easily define a room! Below you'll find a sampling of some of our favorite rugs. If you don't see something that looks like a fit for you feel free to email us through the site and we can help to determine what style would look best in your space, the appropriate size, etc. We can al

Mignonne-At-Home: Brass Upkeep

This is our third Mignonne-At-Home video (you can see the first and second one here) and we've got another one on other vintage metals coming up around the corner, as well as more Mignonne-Behind-The-Scenes videos (here are the first, and second)! So, what else do you want to see? Let us know on the video link on Instagram, or simply DM us on IG, and let us know. We love hearing from all of you! We can't thank those of you who have shopped with us online already, enough! You're helping to keep our little business alive and going through these tough times. As always, we ship anywhere, and we've been loving offering complementary gift wrapping and contactless local deliveries in the East Bay!

All That Glitters Is Gold...And Sold At Mignonne!

Our latest video round-up features a collection of our favorite brass, golden, bright, and shiny pieces! If you missed them, you can also see our one on al fresco dining, going to the (virtual) flea, and taking a much needed digital vacation. We are happy to still be able to offer local contactless deliveries, with complementary gift wrapping, as well as shipping on most options. Thank you for supporting our small business! Also, as a reminder--you can shop these goodies through our online shop, or though the instagram post (find them easily under the "At Home" story highlight!) or stories. Photo at intro and exit by Lauren Edith Andersen of SEN Creative. Music- Song: "Pixel Swing," by Artis

Come Away On A (Virtual) Vacation With Mignonne!

We've been loving doing our little virtual getaways with you all lately! Last week we gave you a little inspiration for dining al fresco and we also went to the (virtual) flea market together! This week we're all feeling like we need a little vacation, so we're taking you on a virtual Mignonne vacation replete with a stunning curved tropical leaf-covered couch, some earrings fit for an escape, charming glassware fit for a warm-weathered local, and more goodies to make your house feel like the vacation came to you! As a reminder, you can either shop these pieces through our site, or through our instagram (they're in the highlights "At Home" in case you missed them on the day we posted, or on

Mignonne Behind-The-Scenes: Scouting

Today we've got a little treat of Johnelle (owner and principal designer here at Mignonne) sharing some behind-the-scenes shop intel with all of us about how she scouts! Also, in case you missed it, we also shared a Behind-The-Scenes: Upholstery video a few weeks ago where Johnelle goes into all the details of what it's like to do an upholstery project with Mignonne. What other Behind-The-Scenes peeks would you like to see? Let us know on instagram so we can make sure we include them next! We're happily still offering local contactless deliveries with complementary gift wrapping, as well as shipping--if you're not local. Check out our online shop where we're still adding new treasures regula

Let's Go To The (Virtual) Flea Together!

If you’ve seen our latest instagram stories (visit our “At Home” highlight if you missed them!) we’ve been doing our best to break from the monotony and make it feel like we’re having some, albeit digital, escapes around here! Today we’re taking you to the virtual flea market. It may not be in a French castle (that's an actual thing that we've done!), but we’re pretty partial to these treasures nonetheless. Flea markets are one of our very favorite pastimes, and with goodies big and small that we've been adding to the shop you can feel like you're on an adventure without the schlep! You can either shop through the links on our instagram page or stories, or visit our online shop to see our lo

A Little Al Fresco Dining Inspiration

Have you see our instagram stories today? If you missed them head to our “At Home” story highlight to play, or shop, along! We’re not sure about you, but we’ve needed a little change of scenery—today it’s in the form of our yards (or balconies!), by dining al fresco. Watch our video to see how we’re doing dining al fresco right! We also recommend typing “French Cooking Music” or “French Cafe” into Pandora or Spotify to add to a little virtual escape. We’d love to see you posting your al fresco dining, or Mignonne treasures, with #MignonneAtHome on instagram, too! Head to our online shop to snap up anything you saw that you loved--and, yes, we're still offering local contactless deliveries wi

An Interview With Mignonne Owner Johnelle About COVID-19 And Small Business

We recently sat down (and by sat down, we mean at a safe, digital distance) with Johnelle to talk about what it's like owning a small business during COVID-19, and while sheltering-in-place. Read along to see why we miss her, all of you, and what you can do to support us and other small businesses during these unprecedented times. (This photo taken in the "before" times, although while we're wearing a select few sweatpants and likely grooming less than we should be, Johnelle probably still looks in the realm of this!) Photo by Lauren Anderson of SEN Creative. Alex: What are some ways that you’ve had to get creative and change your offerings to reflect shelter-in-place? Johnelle: Like most, w

Mignonne-At-Home Video Series: Problem Solving Imperfections

In our latest installment of Mignonne-At-Home we are answering some questions that our viewers raised! In our first video we shared how to use oil to bring back luster and extend the life of your vintage pieces, we also got to hear from owner/principal design Johnelle give some insight into the process behind our custom upholstery services today we're answering questions about how to do some mini-restorations, remove watermarks, and more. As we mention in the video, some projects may need a little more professional help and be a bigger undertaking than a few imperfections--if that's the case, email us through our site, and we can figure out the best plan forward with your special piece! Also

Mignonne Behind-The-Scenes: Upholstery

This is our second installment of videos (if you missed our first, you can see it here!) with tips and tricks and behind-the-scenes peeks at what we do best, here at Mignonne. Follow along with today's video going into more detail about our custom upholstery work with our principal designer (and Mignonne owner), Johnelle Mancha. Also, don't forget we can start to get the ball rolling on your own upholstery project, while you shelter-in-place! Feel free to email us through the site, send a photo of your piece, and we can work on getting you a quote, as well as even doing a FaceTime or Zoom consultation to talk about potential designs for your piece! We're also offering online shopping now--wi