Custom Storage Solutions

One of the biggest obstacles of design our homes is finding ways to store all of our stuff. Whether it's hobbies, collections, kids or sentimental objects, we tend to collect a lot in our lives, and figuring out ways to store them safely and neatly can be a big design challenge. Our solution? Custom built-in storage! Built in storage can seem like a daunting task, but with the right carpenter and design eye, you can make a lovely storage space that elevates your room and increases your homes value! It's a win win! My client recently purchased a lovely home in North Berkeley and she wanted to renovate an office that was attached to their living room separated by french doors. She was in dire

Before & After: Painted Ladies

At Mignonne, we have the pleasure of working with all sorts of clients with a variety of different styles and tastes! Most of the time, clients prefer keeping things simple and working with one fabric (which we love!). But once in a while we get a client who has adventurous taste and wants to aim for a unique design! These purple 'painted ladies' were just that! When our client brought these vibrant pink armchairs in we knew we were dealing with someone who wasn't afraid of color. The client loved the chair, but was redecorating and needed a change, so this was a great opportunity to play with versatile fabrics and to try something a little different. After perusing a wide variety of fabrics

Freshen your Indoor Space with some Outdoor Love

At Mignonne, we're always bringing in fresh collections after thoughtfully scouting for seasonal goodies to add to the shop! This month, we shot our team planting succulent and cacti compositions in a few unique vintage vessels and washed terra pots! We see this as an amazing way to showcase some personal creativity in any home space. With natural jade stones and cacti soil, we created a layered, open terrarium with this wide glass vase. By providing rock and porous based tiers, these new prickly friends will feel right at home to lay their roots. Considering ample space for each little flora is essential in letting them ground in a new environment and grow alongside their buds! In this case

Before & After: Make a Statement

Colorful statement pieces are so fun to add to a room, but can sometimes be tricky to design with, so most people would rather make the safer design choice and keep things in the same color scheme. But little do they know that it is so worth the risk! This little Tansu style sideboard came to us recently, and as beautiful as it was, it lacked a punch. We all love neutrals, but sometimes color is the perfect antidote to a room full of whites and beiges. Therefore, our clients decided on the perfect shade of red to give this piece the vibrancy that it needed. Now, we can appreciate the beautiful hardware that much more, and the clients now have a piece that really makes a statement. Do you wan