Things of Spring on Our Minds...

Rainy and dreary beginnings to the new year evokes daydreaming of brighter times... We've scouted some fresh, vivacious 'les choses de printemps' to our collection leading us through this winter and onto a rejuvenating spring season. These beautiful, country classic, French floral dishware sets add a clean and fresh take on any dining area. We love to mix-n-match a feminine, floral plate underneath a masculine, Homer Laughlin rooster bowl to create a visually enticing place setting on any surface. Via Pinterest For further inspiration, we draw attention to this country classic place setting. For a more rustic, bohemian styled dining area, come check out our ceramic mugs with blue floral acce

Tucked Away

A common problem in today's households is where to put the television. It's 2017 and most homes are fortunate enough to have a television (if not many), but most families run into two contradictory specifications when it comes to placement: The television needs to be conveniently located where one can sit comfortable and watch, but shouldn't be the focal point when you walk into the room. Luckily, we are living in an age where t.v.'s are no longer huge three dimensional boxes, but instead they are ultra flat, which is more convenient, but the problem still exists: where is the most attractive place? Lots of living rooms and dens have obvious places for your t.v., but some rooms are a bit tri