Style Files: Retro Modern Chic

via Brit + Co One of our favorite things about vintage is how many styles we get to experiment with in the shop! Some days we may get a beautiful traditional antique in, or other days we might see a unique bohemian piece from some far away place... every day is always exciting and we're constantly inspired. That is why we have started this new "Style Files" segment as a platform to talk about all of our favorite styles and how to use them in your own home. The first style we are filing today: Retro Modern Chic. Streamlined with Pops of Color Unless you've been living under a rock in the last 15 years, it is no secret that mid-century modern furniture is in high demand, and has been for a whi

A Turkish Delight

​A common question we get at the shop is: Where do you find this stuff? The real answer is, everywhere! But the most accurate answer is that we usually get a lot of people come into the shop to unload unwanted piece that needs some work. Johnelle and the designers love seeing potential in unloved pieces, and this settee that was recently brought into the shop was one such piece. A regular came by one day with this sad settee and despite its dirty exterior and dated colors, we couldn't help put fall in love with it's silhouette and diminutive size. The task was obvious, we needed to re-stain the legs and change the reupholstery. Basically, change everything. But with such a cute silhouette an

Built-In Banquette

Whenever people walk into the store and ask what kind of design services we offer, I say just about everything! And I mean it. Not only can we cover your re-upholstery, repainting, repairs and re-staining needs, but we also offer interior design services and of course, any custom built object... from scratch. Yes, that is right - whatever you're in need of, we can build it. Our in-house carpenter (Brian Hill) not only possesses amazing carpentry skills and experience, but he also happens to be married to the owner of Mignonne Decor (Johnelle Mancha). So it goes without saying that he not only has the talent to build whatever you want, but he also has Johnelle there to help you get the best a


Chiming in to give you a quick update on all the fun new items added to the shop! This month has been super busy, but we managed to bring some REALLY excellent and unique pieces on the showroom floor: French Chartreuse Velvet Bench Cherub Side Tables Eloise Secretary Desk (SOLD) Aloe Vera Coffee Table (SOLD) Mid Century Slab Chair Sand Dollar Vanity Vintage Red Benches (sold separately) Nuage Dining Chair Set And of course some small items to tie your room together... Find all these items and more on our shop furniture and decor page! Also!!!! Do you live outside of the Bay Area? No problem! We now sell our furniture items on Chairish! And some decor items on Etsy! Follow the links to see ou