IR: Pillows and you: the perfect power couple, no strings attached. You can add pop to a simple space using pillows with color, pattern and flare, without making big changes to more permanent features. Having an arsenal of pillows to add accent where ever necessary can get you un-stuck from a boring décor, without all the commitment. Truly your best friend-with-benefits, pillows can be there when you want them, whether to cuddle you, to accompany your look, and to make you're place feel more homey. The interchangeable qualities of the throw pillow makes it easy for you to alter the look of a room, spice up a basic couch, or coordinate a look. Our own creations tend to vary based on the speci


IR: Are you like us, slightly obsessed with Pinterest, and very obsessed with gorgeous interiors? Thought so. Well, isn't it time to do something about that virtual pin-board you've been building? We use our Pinterest page in our work all the time, whether it's browsing and daydreaming for inspiration, or compiling ideas for a current project, or to post our own finished products. It's no shame, Pinterest was made as a virtual inspiration board, so lets get to work on making your dreams come true! Quite often in the beginning stages of a project, we have clients send us ideas they've compiled from the internet, visual examples that help us better understand what it is that thrills you in a