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Mignonne Decor Atelier

All custom services are done in-house by our amazing back of house team at either our storefront location in Berkeley, or at our Atelier in Oakland. Having our work space close by gives our back of house team and our design team the ability to work together to create amazing transformations. Read further to learn about how each process works. 



  • Repainting & Restaining

    • There is nothing like the power of paint! At Mignonne Decor, we believe a little paint can go a long way, which is why we offer custom repaint and restaining services, with a variety of weathering and layered finishes. All custom painting and staining is done in house by our experienced lead painter. 

    • Once your furniture piece arrives to our shop, 

    • If you are interested in having something repainted or restained, inquire HERE for a quote!



  • ReUpholstery

    •  Mignonne Decor has seen some amazing transformations! New upholstery can turn something old and dumpy into something beautiful and timeless.       

    • If you are interested in having something reupholstered, inquire HERE for a quote! 



  • Repairs & Custom Built

    •  Actualize the furniture of your dreams with the help of our lead carpenter and our design team! Whether it is repairing an antique to its original condition or creating your own custom furniture piece, we can help! 

    • Click here if you are interested inquiring about a 



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